Navigation is a vital skill in diving. Feeling disorientated or unsure of your position is a distressing and worrying feeling. Underwater navigation gives you a means to find your way both by compass and by understanding underwater topography. Never again feel tempted to surface to reassure yourself you are on the right track or to find your bearings. Feel confident to navigate in the absence of natural markers.  



You must be ten years of age or older. You must hold a PADI Adventure Diver Certificate or equivalent. You must be medically fit to withstand the demands of diving.


The PADI  Underwater Navigation course allows you to:

Navigate your way to from, from and around a dive site using an underwater compass or natural sources. Learn how to use the sun, shadows and markings in the sand to determine your direction of travel. Return to a boat or a starting point without the need to surface to inform your direction. Feel assured in your abilities to find your way safely to your exit point. 


What will I learn?

You will learn to read a compass underwater, to measure distance underwater and to use the many natural signposts to your advantage. You will learn to navigate both as a solo navigator and in a buddy team.


Time Commitment:

PADI e-Learning: 2-4 hours.

Entire Course: 2-3 days.


PADI Underwater Navigation provides you with the skills to determine your direction of travel, the directıon of the beach or the shore, the direction of your dive boat and much more. It allows you to find your way to dive sites under water and will help you avoid long and unnecessary surface swims. We are lucky to have the beautıiul Musan Underwater Museum on our doorstep. Just one example of a dive site which you reach by underwater navigation. So why not challenge yourself. Phone us today and we will gladly help you master underwater navigation.