I started talking with Burdju after she commented on a post I’d put on Facebook - from the word go I felt at ease with her and I hadn’t even met her yet!

I told her about my limited experience as a diver and she made me feel relaxed and answered all of my questions (there was a LOT!) and all the time she was patient and kind!

When we eventually met she did not disappoint - she was reassuring and made me so comfortable in the water - along with Andy and Simon who too were amazing!

My whole family also loved her - especially my daughter Jessica who did her discover scuba diving whilst we were on holiday! She too loved Burdju!

An unforgettable experience for the whole family - thank you from the bottom of our hearts! ❤️


Natasha Aimee Silvera

Satisfied Client

I have no words to describe how incredible diving at Dive Cypria has been. I spent the last week doing several dives with them and getting my rescue diver certification. Burcu and her team were beyond professional. The center is well located and the equipment is top notch. Burcu is an incredible instructor and makes sure you have an amazing experience, with a personal touch in everything she does. I felt very safe diving with her and her team and learned so much from them. Zenobia is an incredible diving experience, definitely my favorite of all of the dives. My only regret is not having planned more days to dive! I highly recommend dive Cypria, it really made my vacation while in Cyprus! Thank you so much for everything!


.Mariana Alcoforado

Satisfied Client

As a Father, I’m very protective of my children. The sea is for me a scary place and I had zero confidence. I met Burdju at her diving centre and right away she won my heart. Her calmness and the way she was with my nervous daughter was just amazing. After listening into the safety briefing I was at ease, seeing my daughter smile and laugh along with Burdju’s body language. To the point I asked if I could join them, having in mind I’ve never gone above my knees in the sea in my life.


Burdju has a way to make you feel relaxed and her beautiful smile and giggle.

Once we had all the equipment and in the water, my daughter was so relaxed which I’ve never seen. All thanks to Burdju’s techniques. 


I would never ever say this but I would do my diving course now because I met Burdju. I will return to Cyprus to do my diving course but I must stress and say, it’s only because of Burdju!


She looked after us like her own family and she did an amazing job with us all. It’s not about the money side for Burdju, hand on heart it’s about putting smiles on people’s faces is the reward.


Burdju has been doing this a very long time and you can tell, I just hope and prey that she will be cryprus no 1 dive centre very soon.

From my family’s heart, thank you for being you and doing what you do best and that’s making people smile



Liam Silvera

Satisfied Client