PADI Deep Diver opens many more dive sites and new experiences to you. It allows you to dive deeper than you have before and enjoy the new and amazing experiences to be had at these depths. This also means new skills must be mastered and new risks must be considered and managed. Fancy the challenge?.



You must be fifteen years of age or older. You must hold a PADI Adventure Diver Certificate or equivalent. You must be medically fit to withstand the demands of diving.


The PADI Deep Diver qualification allows you to:

Dive to 40 meters with the knowledge and skills to minimise the associated risks and recognise and respond to nitrogen narcosis. You can explore sites that were beyond your previous limits and enjoy more of the underwater world than you have before.


What will I learn?

You will learn to plan a deep dive. You will learn to manage your air supply and gain knowledge to allow you to conserve air within the context of deep diving. You will learn to control your buoyancy at greater depth. You will learn the safety measures and buddy systems associated with deep diving. You will learn how to recognise and respond to Nitrogen Narcosis and come to understand the impact of depth on colour. You will learn about safety stops and practice these with your instructor.


Time Commitment:

PADI e-Learning: 2-4 hours.

Entire Course: 2-3 days.


The crystal clear blue waters that surround Cyprus allow for some amazing light on deep dives. With the sun penetrating the Mediterranean waters you have a greater chance of good visibility in addition to a vast array of dive sites to choose from. Allow us to bring you to new depths and broaden your diving experience, scope and skills. Call us today at Dive Cypria. We would be delighted to guide you around the beautiful waters surrounding Cyprus.