What is the Underwater Museum in Cyprus?

Discover the MUSAN Museum with Dive Cypria.
If you're wondering about unique underwater attractions in Cyprus, look no further than the MUSAN Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa, a must-visit destination if you are on holiday here in Cyprus.


Located off the coast of Ayia Napa, the MUSAN Museum features a mesmerizing collection of submerged sculptures crafted by renowned artist Jason deCaires Taylor. These beautiful artworks not only showcase artistic brilliance but also serve as artificial reefs, supporting marine life and ecological balance.


Whether you're an experienced diver or a first-time snorkeler, the MUSAN Museum offers a unique blend of art underwater and is a wonderful activity for your family holiday here in Cyprus. 


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Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity during your visit to Cyprus. Dive into the MUSAN Museum with us and let the underwater sculptures inspire and amaze you!


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